For meetings in Vernon or the surrounding communities of Armstrong, Cherryville, Falkland and Lumby:


Vernon AA – 24 hour direct line: (250) 545-4933

Note: In response to the covid-19 pandemic, groups are making adjustments to continue to
serve our members while complying with current requirements. Please check back often for
the latest information as received from the groups.

The following codes are used for meetings:
Closed meetings (C) are for AA members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and
"have a desire to stop drinking".
Open meetings (O) are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of
recovery from alcoholism. Non-alcoholics may attend open meetings as observers.

District 70 Meeting List

Daily Meetings:

Upon Awakening Group  (O) Mon – Sun 3204 Alexis Park Dr. 7:00 AM
Upon Awakening  (O) Mon-Sun 7am.  Zoom mtg. ID is 209976061   Password is 711087. 

Nooner Solutions Gp. (O) Mon-Fri 12:00 PM   Zoom Mtg. ID: 836 178 0377 Password: 5rv4Rb
Fresh air meeting.  3204 Alexis Park Dr.  Back of building. 12pm. Bring a chair. 

Fresh air meeting . 1204 30 Avenue.  2pm. Bring a chair. 

Vernon Fiver Group.   (O) Mon-Sun  5:00 PM    3204 Alexis Park Dr.

Falkland Group  (O) 7:00 PM   2940 Chase Falkland Rd. (Off Hwy 97) Mtg Postponed
Women in Recovery      (C) 7:00 PM Zoom Mtg: ID 254 510 734 

Third Legacy of Service Mtg. (O)  7:00 PM Zoom Mtg. ID: 228 682 949 Password: 974591
Phoenix Topic Meeting (O)  7:00 PM 2201 – 53rd Ave, Building 43


Thurs. Morning Step Mtg.  (O) 11:00 AM Zoom Mtg. ID: 899 185 358 Password: 280613
BYOBB Group    (C)   7:00 PM Zoom Mtg. ID: 844 120 014 Password: 962007

Kalamalka Group (O) 12:00 PM Zoom Mtg. ID: 769 7921 1863  Password: 123456
Friday Malia Group (O)   7:00 PM   2810  48th Ave.   Outdoors         (rear of building)

A Way Out Group (C)  8:00 PM Zoom Mtg. ID: 189 622 408 Password: 586898

Armstrong Pleasant Valley (O)  8:00 PM Zoom Mtg. ID: 671 602 112 Password: 537537